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Textured Finishes

Are you looking for an effective yet inexpensive way to add dazzle and charm to your interior space? Applying a textured drywall finish could do just that.

The team at Regal Drywall has been completing high-quality textured finish installations for many years. Our commitment to customer satisfaction allows us to stand apart from other companies in the area.

To discover what a textured wall finish could do for your home or business space, book a consultation with our professional team today. Call (253) 222-9273.

Apply Textured Wall Finishes in Your Space

Not only do textured finishes add warmth, character, and architectural aesthetic to your space, but they also offer a few practical benefits. When applying a texture to your walls or ceiling, you can instantly hide signs of flaws or repairs.

As well, if your wall or ceilings are beginning to look outdated, adding texture can enrich the overall look and feel of your space.

To find out more about our services, don't hesitate to get in touch and discuss your project with one of our experts today.

Choose Your Unique Wall Texture Design

Textured wall finishes are used for interior and exterior walls for both residential and commercial properties. There are several unique wall texture finish types on the market today.

To give you an idea of the available designs, here is a simple guide to our most popular options:

Knockdown Texture Finish

One of the most popular textured options, the knockdown finish, achieves an eye-catching texture that is inspired by natural stone. To install this look, drywall mud is sprayed directly on the drywall. Once the mud droplets are slightly dried, a knife is used to "knockdown" the globs.

Brush Finish

For optimal design versatility, choose a brushed finish. A brush of any size will be used by the contractor to create a unique design and texture of your choosing.

Orange Peel Finish

Another popular choice, the orange peel finish, is also achieved by spraying drywall mud on the wall with an air compressor. The finished look resembles small droplets, with a similar texture to an orange peel.

Mud Swirl Finish

Commonly used to achieve a textured ceiling finish, the mud swirl finish appears as a group of half circles, applied in a pattern. Some contractors may refer to this design as a spinning or churning look. This particular finish requires a skilled hand, otherwise, imperfections will stand out.

All the designs mentioned above can be primed and painted once dry.

To discover more unique drywall finishes, get in touch with our team today.

Choose Regal Drywall for Superior Textured Finish Services

Our friendly and accommodating contractors have years of combined experience executing unique wall finishes. When you work with our team, you can expect:

  • Detailed consultations
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Quick and precise installation
  • Experienced professionals
  • Guaranteed results

Discover the Difference of a Textured Wall Feature

Incorporating a textured wall finish can work wonders when it comes to reinventing your home or business space.

To enlist our expert drywall services, call (253) 222-9273 now.

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